I believe there's only One way to do a job- THE RIGHT WAY.

It never fails to amaze me at how many jobs I have been hired to rip out and redo because they were done incorrectly by 'general contractors' and 'handymen'.  Unfortunately, many professional contractors that I've met seem to lack the knowledge of the proper installation techniques for tile and frequently use incorrect materials.  In order to gain knowledge, one must study proper technique and be familiar with all the tile settings products out on the market today. If a contractor isn't setting tile or doing bathroom remodels on a daily basis (because they're a general contractor or a handyman), they simply don't don't have the opportunity to become a bathroom & tile specialist.

It's a simple analogy, but I feel it's appropriate. If you were suffering from a specific disease or condition, would you go to your general practioner to treat it, or would you go to a specialist? 

In many cases, contractors and new house builders just do the minimum amount of work and use the cheapest materials in order to make a higher profit. I'm a bathroom specialist and I do the job right the FIRST time because I stand behind my work. My work strictly adheres to the guidelines set forth by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA), The National Electrical Code, the International Plumbing Code and the National Building Code. Years later, the only reason I want a customer calling me back is to do more work for them.



When I'm in a customer's house, that customer's safety is of the utmost concern to me. I'm an extremely neat worker who constantly thinks of customer safety. Each day I clean up the work area so there won't be any hazards and life can go on as usual for my customer while I'm not there.

Working in a house with children requires extra safety. Little ones are curious and love to inquire. I always make sure to think of children's safety especially when I leave for the day. I make sure there's nothing dangerous that curious little minds might find interesting to play with.


When you hire a contractor, can you really trust them in your home? Do you trust them in your house when you're not home? Do you trust them around your children and with your pets? These are all questions you should think about when you hire a contractor.

My customers trust me. They know from meeting me that they feel safe giving me their house keys and even leaving their children home with me. Customers with pets are happy to know that I'm an animal lover! I will take special care to make sure their pets are safe and will not escape while I'm working. Once after I was finished with a customer's job, they insisted on giving me their house key should they need to call me again for anything. Now that's trust!


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